Feel The Brand

Ohlsonsmith is a design agency that vitalises brands and businesses through emotional branding. We create design that communicates intuitively – establishing a deep and meaningful connection between the brand and its customers. Feel the Brand is the goal and guiding principle behind everything we do.

Founded in Stockholm in 2006, Ohlsonsmith works with Swedish and international brands and with businesses of all sizes and sectors. We also have a large network – and partner with other companies and consultants to provide clients with a full range of services.

Barbro Ohlson Smith

Barbro has 25 years’ experience in design and brand communication – as creative director, design executive, designer, speaker and educator.

She began her career in London at the design consultancy CDT, Carroll, Dempsey & Thirkell, where she was part of the team that worked with the ground-breaking new identity for The English National Opera. Returning to her native Sweden after 10 years in the UK, Barbro worked as head of graphic design and creative director at the television station TV4 and as head of the department of art direction at Berghs School of Communication, before setting up Ohlsonsmith.

In addition to her work as creative director, Barbro devotes time to design through lecturing and judging. She has also served as board member of Komm, The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies and jury member of DA&D, Eurobest, Spikes Asia, Dubai Lynx, Promax BDA and as President of the Art Directors Club of Europe, ADCE, 2000–2002. Among her many speaking engagements can be named Cannes Creative Festival 2009, where she delivered a lecture on visual branding.

Barbro holds a BA honours degree in graphic design from Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design, London.

Read an interview with Barbro at Hall of Femmes: Highlighting the Work of Outstanding Women in Art Direction and Design. http://halloffemmes.com/interview/barbro-ohlson-smith

Some of the talented people – employees and collaborators – who have worked with Ohlsonsmith over the years

Simon J Mills, Ning Bark, Louise Kelpe, Martina Dahl, Petter Hollström, Erik Leonsson, Janet Colletti, Marianne Lilius, Gunnar Lindén, Patrick Smith, Maria Idänge, Robert Axnér, Helen Johansson, Pelle Andersson, Eva Eliasson, Anna-Maria Wats, Henrik Gyllenskiöld, Christer Fahlström, Anders Malmströmer, Anna Henriksson, Annika Urbansdotter, Christina Cheng, Anna Strandberg, Pontus Björlin, Egil Donér, Jesper Olsson, Tobias Andersson, Jakob de Tobon.

Portrait by Ivar Sviestins